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The female doctor has a nurse sit in on the consultation and they ask him to strip off and get on the examination table so they can check him over.

But the day my girlfriends and I actually came face to face with one we learned that brains aren't the only thing that'll satisfy a zombie. or It was chasing us thru a dark ally and we were running as fast as we could but when we came to a dead end, we thought it was going to be our end. She turned around, lifted her skirt and stuck out her butt.

With our backs up against the wall I did the only thing I could think of to take his mind off of our brains. With my tits and her ass rousing his carnal desires he seemed to forget about his craving for carnage.

She invites the new girls to have a go and soon all four women are taking turns to wank the guy's cock until he explodes everywhere.

As they walk out to continue their tour, Paige tells the poor man she will be back in 20 minutes to milk him again!

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